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“The Stuff You Never Look at Review” and Why You Need One

“The Stuff You Never Look at Review” and Why You Need One

September 01, 2016

We get it, life is busy. The days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and before you know it your sweet little toddler is all grown up and heading off to college. When you sit back and think about what you accomplish in a given day, it’s pretty amazing.

With everything you’ve got going on, it’s no surprise that when you make a long term commitment to a mortgage or an insurance policy, you set up the auto pay, put it in a file folder, and forget about it. You just don’t have the time or bandwidth to deal with reviewing that stuff. It’s easier to just pay the bill when it’s due and move on.

But as your trusted friend in all things finance, we know better. These are the types of things that need attention periodically. And while you may not want to think about it, we definitely do! When we first talked about the idea of offering this as a separate review to our clients, we struggled with what to call it. Finally, Vance said “let’s just call it the Stuff You Never Look at Review, because that’s exactly what it is. People rarely look at this stuff once they’ve signed off on it.”

So, all types of insurance (from property to life to long term care to business) and your mortgage (the type and rate), these are the items we’ll dust off and give the Hardworking Capital once over. And while we may not actually use a magnifying glass, we’ll do the HWC equivalent.

We know how important these things are and want to give them the attention they deserve. Not only are we looking for opportunities to save you money, we are looking to ensure that your coverage meets your current needs. As we said, things can change pretty quickly and you need to have the right coverage for where your family and business are right now… not where you were a few years ago.

Sound good? Please give us a call 760-340-3277 or drop us an email at and we’ll get started on your “Stuff You Never Look at Review” today!