we help you protect, grow, gift and save your money.

What We Are

We’re a genuinely personable, highly personalized, exceptionally proficient investment management and financial planning company. Period.

No pre-packaging. No pre-conceived strategies. No one-size fits all. Absolutely no proprietary bias.

What are we? We’re ready to hear all the details of your story, understand your concerns, and apply our skills to help you pursue your dreams.

What We Do

We help you protect, grow, gift and save your money.

Oh sure, we could list things like 401-K’s, Wealth Services, and Accumulation, just like the other guys do. But those things are a given. We’d rather talk about how our specialized skills and experience affects you.

We apply our smarts so that you don’t spend your retirement worrying about money. If you own a small business, we help you implement strategies to help reduce your tax bill and increase your savings. That way, when you reach “retirement age,” its up to you whether you want to continue to work or not, or maybe finance an entirely new career. If you’re one of those people who live to give, we help make your gifting to charity more efficient. And we love designing strategies so that less of your estate goes to the government.

We exist solely to provide real people with unique financial advice specifically tailored just for them. Whether you’re funding a photographic safari to Kenya, a new pool to share with your family and friends, security or legacy — we work our tails off to help you live the kind of life you’ve worked hard for.

How We Work

We don’t think it’s good enough to just know your granddaughter’s name. We pride ourselves in knowing that she single-handedly stopped the other team from scoring the winning goal in her last soccer game.

There are some things they don’t teach you in school. Things beyond ratios and stats. Like how to be a good listener, genuine and honest, creative and receptive. These are the traits we require from everyone on our team. And once they’re on board, these qualities are nurtured and celebrated.

Beyond being smart and experienced professionals, we’re a darn likeable crew. Our goal is to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations to earn their trust. We want them to be confident that we will always do what’s right for them regardless of whether it’s financially advantageous for us.

Will We Be a Good Fit?

Hardworking Capital isn’t for everybody. But, if any of the following describes you, maybe we should get together:

  • You’re looking for a very personal relationship with people who care deeply about helping you achieve your goals.
  • You don’t want to think about your money 24/7, but want somebody else to.
  • You started and grew your own business.
  • You rose through the ranks to get to where you are today.
  • You accept nothing less than direct and honest communication.
  • You’re ready to grow your hard-earned wealth.

What’s Next?

Our business is about relationships, not just numbers. So, we hope you’ll click the button below to start things rolling.

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