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For the Love of Dogs (and Cats, too)!

Being a DogAs all dog lovers know, a furry pup can be an excellent companion and protector… not to mention an exceptionally trainable service animal. But, did you know the extent to which dogs use their noses to connect with their environment? In this recent episode of Fresh Air: From Fire Hydrants To Rescue Work, Dogs Perceive The World Through Smell, you can discover all of the fascinating ways in which dogs use their sense of smell to interact with the world around them. From determining the time of day to evidence that they can detect certain cancers, you can read (or hear, if you prefer to listen to podcasts) author Alexandra Horowitz discuss her new book “Being a Dog: Following the Dog Into a World of Smell.” It’s an interesting look into their keen sense of smell and how the anatomy of the canine nose (each nostril smells independently of the other!) helps them perceive their surroundings.

The Trainable CatAre you more of a cat person? Then here’s an episode of Fresh Air that discusses training your cat: Who Says You Can’t Train A Cat? A Book Of Tips For Feline-Human Harmony. It’s a riveting conversation about the reasons why cats behave the way they do. Sarah Ellis, the co-author of “The Trainable Cat” discusses the inner workings of feline behavior. While dogs are more attached to people, cats are much more territorial and therefore attached to a physical place. Which is one reason why cats have very little interest in jumping in that cat carrier, it represents taking them away from their secure and comfortable surroundings. She advocates for keeping the carrier out (instead of tucked away in a closet) so the cat begins to associate it with their home territory. She also gives insight into the best ways to introduce new pets to your cat and how to give them an outlet for their instinctive “predatory behavior” through play.


And finally, we came across this great ad which summarizes how dogs can bring us all together…

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