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HWC Summer Fishing Adventure!

It was an awesome day for fishing…perfect weather and great company. We met up at the marina at Harbor Island, San Diego at 5am with high hopes. A couple of the guys were dealing with some serious dry spells, so we were intent on not only fishing, but catching!

HWC Fishing 7-24 (13)

High hopes and big smiles, we were ready to attack!

HWC Fishing 7-24 (04)HWC Fishing 7-24 (03)

HWC Fishing 7-24 (02)

It seemed like Ted was going to start us off with a big one…what could it be? Dorado? Yellowtail?Turned out he was fighting with a 20 foot strip of kelp.



HWC Fishing 7-24 (05)


We spent a few hours in one spot with nothing but a bunch of kelp to show for it. So our captain decided we should move on, finally at around 10am Clint reeled in our first catch of the day…a beautiful dorado.




HWC Fishing 7-24 (07)

left: Troy and JefHWC Fishing 7-24 (06)f having a great time. Troy was hoping to lift a pretty long dry spell.

right: Clint had another one on his line…so Roger did the “fish dance” to make sure their lines didn’t cross.




HWC Fishing 7-24 (16)

HWC Fishing 7-24 (12)


left: Clint with his next catch, a yellowtail.

right: Roger and his dorado. He broke a 2 year dry spell with this one and was determined to bring it in!





HWC Fishing 7-24 (21)

HWC Fishing 7-24 (22)

left: Clint with the biggest catch

right: Ted loves his fish!






Thanks guys for a great day!

HWC Fishing 7-24 (20)


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