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Hardworking Player of the Year 2016!

desert tennis league

Another Desert Tennis League season is in books and once again Hardworking Capital was pleased to sponsor this wonderful senior tennis event!  The League has 540 participants on 34 teams representing 17 tennis clubs. The League’s season ran from January to March and culminated in an Awards Ceremony on Friday 4/1.

As part of our sponsorship, we award a perpetual trophy to the Hardworking Player of the Year which recognizes the player who grinds out the most three set matches in the season. This year there were seven players who won 4 three set matches!  Each player was awarded a certificate and in order to break the tie (and award custody of the trophy for 2016), we looked at the number of games won in those three set matches.  With 71 games won in her four matches, the winner of the trophy was Robin Polson. Congratulations to Robin and the other six Hardworking Players: Deborah Rogers, Dorothy Vaughan, Judy DeVol, Kathy Kortus, Holger Seidel, and Ellie Seddon!

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