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10 Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund

If you have a refund check coming your way, consider using it to bolster your personal balance sheet. The average refund is usually around $3,000, and most people receive the…

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A Message from Kathy Smith

Hi Everyone, I’m writing to let you know that I’m planning to retire at the end of this year. As many of you have done, it’s now my turn to…

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Risk Equals Risk

How much market fluctuation can you stomach? As the media focuses on the excitement of soaring markets, that may not feel like the question anyone is asking. However, it’s the…

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For the Love of Dogs (and Cats, too)!

As all dog lovers know, a furry pup can be an excellent companion and protector… not to mention an exceptionally trainable service animal. But, did you know the extent to which…

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Go Mobile or Get Left Out

Our guest contributor for this edition of Perspective is Jeff Beyer, Founder and CEO of Big Rig Media a premier web developing and marketing firm based in Toluca Lake and…

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