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20th Anniversary of The Desert Tennis League

As many of you know, at Hardworking Capital we are avid fans and supporters of local tennis. This edition of Playing Hard focuses on The Desert Tennis League and was provided by Kim Scholz.

Twenty years ago Al and Arlene Bauer started league tennis for seniors over the age of 50. Since that time the league has continuously grown having over 470 participants playing on 32 teams from 20 participating tennis clubs. After 18 years of running the league Al and Arlene handed over the management to the Coachella Valley Grand Prix and its directors Kim Scholz and Michael Bailin. The CVGP directors have continued the tradition of making the DeDesert Tennis 3sert Tennis League the perfect blend of quality team competition and social interaction.

The Desert Tennis League season starts in January and ends the first week in April. The league is divided into four divisions with the Men’s 3.5, Women’s 3.5, Men’s 4.0/4.5 and Women’s 4.0/4.5 NTRP rated divisions. Teams are composed and play for a host tennis club. All league matches are played oDesert Tennis 2n Fridays at 1:00pm. After each team match the host club has a social hour for both teams. At the conclusion of the season the league hosts an awards luncheon to honor the league and division champions with trophies for individual and team winners.

If you are interested in participating and need help in contacting a club to be on a team then contact Kim Scholz at and he will assist you.

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